5 Entertaining Similarities Between Game of Thrones and Deadliest Catch

1. Missing body parts are a given.

Didn’t your mother ever tell you not to play with fireworks… on a ship… on the Bering Sea?

This deckhand just wanted to celebrate a Seattle Seahawks playoff win.

This Time Bandit deckhand just wanted to celebrate a Seattle Seahawks playoff win.

And for that matter, didn’t she tell you Westeros has laws against smuggling?

Well, he won't be learning to waterdance with his left hand anytime soon.

Well, he won’t be learning to waterdance with his left hand anytime soon.

Slightly off topic, Stannis better do something soon. I’m getting bored with this Red Priestess storyline.

These aren’t the only instances in which folks have lost body parts. We’ll stick with hands though and keep this post to a PG rating.

This is what happens when your hand gets caught between the launcher and an 800 pound crab pot.

This is what happens when your hand gets caught between the launcher and an 800 pound crab pot.

And this is what happens when the enemy captures a Lannister.

And this is what happens when the enemy captures a Lannister.


2. If it’s bounty you seek, prepare for disappointment.

After months of travel with the assumption of receiving some sort of ransom, The Hound and Arya Stark learn of Lysa's death.

Arya Stark and The Hound learn of Lysa’s death. Once again, The Hound is screwed.


Captain Sig Hansen of the Northwestern gets upset over empty crab pots.

Captain Sig Hansen of the Northwestern gets upset over empty crab pots.

3. Trust no one. You will be betrayed.

Junior and Keith form an alliance when Junior’s pots continue to come up empty. Junior betrays Keith later in the episode claiming he is still pulling blanks, when in fact his pots are full of crab.

In addition, I can no longer trust anyone in Game of Thrones. Thanks, Jorah.

Oh, Jorah. You liar. I liked you.

Oh, Jorah. You liar. I liked you.

And we can’t forget Walder Frey…

DO NOT RSVP to this wedding.

DO NOT RSVP to this wedding.

4. Somebody you love dies.

RIP Captain Phil Harris

RIP Captain Phil Harris.


Obviously, he's not the only loveable character that has suffered this fate... but he was the first.

Obviously, he’s not the only loveable character that has suffered this fate… but he was the first.


5. Winter is Coming.

You can’t get through an episode of either series without this friendly reminder.


As usual, the Captains must “pull their gear” before losing it to the Bering Sea ice flow.


What’s the crab quota on the Shivering Sea?



Living dangerously on a Monday (and I only know it’s Monday because Game of Thrones was on last night).

It is Monday, right? Cause since I’ve been out of work, I only remember which day of the week it is based on what the DVR is recording tonight (which is nothing, since it’s summer and there aren’t new episodes of ANYTHING).

My hair is getting ridiculously long. I don’t think I’ve had it cut since last June.

Shit. It’s June again. Guess it’s time for a haircut.

It’s not because I’m cheap, it’s entirely out of laziness. But the reason I’m thinking about it right now is because I’ve had a couple near misses with my hair and the gas burners on the stove in recent weeks.

Maybe today, but probably not. I just loathe sitting in that chair making idle chit-chat with someone I don’t know. The whole process is a little awkward. Maybe if I were one of those chicks who goes to a fancy Salon and has “Cindy” or “Sharon” cut my hair every time, it wouldn’t be such a thing.

But I’m not about to shell out $30+ for someone to take a pair of scissors to my mop. In the past, I’ve told myself, “I’m not gonna waste an hour on my day off just to get my hair cut.” Well, since EVERY DAY is my day off, this excuse doesn’t seem particularily valid anymore.

I still won’t be getting my hair cut today.

The husband and I are all caught up on Game of Thrones now. I’m not sure what we’re going to do in the evenings going forward as this has occupied a good portion of our time in the last few weeks. Now, instead of two episodes each evening, we’ll be anxiously waiting for Sunday night like all the other addicts out there. At least we have something to fill the void created in the absence of Mad Men. I could spend an inordinate amount of time telling you what I think is going to happen, what I loved/hated about previous episodes, but I don’t want to put any spoilers out there incase any of my readers aren’t caught up.

I bought everything I needed to make croissants again the other day, but haven’t had a chance since it’s been so freaking humid and warm outside. Last night I realized that the whole milk was going to go bad in a few days, so I HAD to make them today. It’s one of those recipes that requires Jupiter, Venus, Haley’s Comet and a slew of other celestial objects to all align perfectly with the Earth OR ELSE! Today I’m living on the edge, because I’m making these sans Venus. I’m not supposed to make these in a room warmer than 72 degrees, and my house is currently hanging out at 74. We’ll see how this affects the final product. If they turn out, you can expect a “How to Make Croissants” post tomorrow. If they don’t, you’ll get a “How to spend 10 hours on what will ultimately be a disaster because you didn’t follow directions,” post.

Well, after letting my dough proof for a half hour, it seems like it’s grown a lot larger than it usually does… leading me to believe the temperature of the room may play a more important role than I realized (or the “highly active” yeast I’m using is really living up to its name). It’s looking more and more like tomorrow’s post could be a disaster…

A recipe for disaster...

A recipe for disaster…

A Lannister Always Pays His Debts

Well, after four weeks I finally received my first severance payment. I was out running errands on Tuesday and decided to stop by the store since the holiday weekend had passed. As expected, no one knew what to do, so I ended up having to call corporate HR (my ex-coworkers will understand the pain and suffering that always occurs when dialing that phone number). Anywhoo… at least that is happening now, albeit a couple weeks behind schedule. Hoping that they end up paying me for the full eight weeks, and that I don’t have to fight with them to get what I’m due (I know from experience that Sears doesn’t always pay it’s debts).

Other things that have occurred in recent weeks; I painted the bedroom, bought some canvas prints and a huge wall mirror for the living room (those were a bitch to hang), destroyed my freshly painted walls when attempting to put up curtain rods, patched and fixed said walls, and became entirely engrossed in Game of Thrones.

My husband came home from band practice a couple weeks ago with Season One of Game of Thrones, courtesy of his bass player. We proceeded to binge watch the first four episodes of the series in one sitting. Now we’ve progressed, and have finished the first episode of Season 4 (This is very similar to when we got into Battlestar Galactica). I’m hoping to get caught up over the weekend, so I don’t have to continue to avoid reading things related to the show on the internet. I did come across this gem by accident a couple of days ago,


I still cannot stop laughing when I see this.

I’m still reeling from the “Red Wedding” episode that we got through a few nights ago. I was ironing our new curtains while watching it, and not paying close attention, until the massacre started going down. I watched with my jaw dropped through the entire sequence, gasping at times, and cried a little at the end.

All I know is this; Jeoffrey had better lose his head REAL soon, and when that chick shows up with her dragons shit is gonna get real.

A couple more “spinoffs” I really enjoyed,



Happy Friday!