I Googled myself, and apparently I’m dating Khan?

One of the tasks I’ve been encouraged to complete during my job search/career change is to Google myself. This book I’ve been reading stresses that “Google is your new resume.”

So this morning, I did just that.

I Googled myself.

I too, was interested in what potential employers may discover about me. It’s not as though I believe there’s an inordinate amount of embarrassing or detrimental material on the internet regarding me… but most people have a couple of college nights they don’t remember, a Facebook photo that they probably shouldn’t have allowed to be uploaded, or a poorly worded Tweet that makes them sound like a complete frittata.

Well, I dodged all of those bullets. Whew. But I did turn up ONE interesting result… initially.

  • There’s a furniture and jewelry designer in London named Anna James as well. (Boring)
  • A woman in Texas who shares my designation is part of the USA diving team. (Meh, but better than the designer)
  • There’s also a journalist in Sydney, Australia, that I could possibly be confused with. (Still boring)

There were a slew of other ladies out there bearing my title, with equally boring facts to list as those above.



Ignore the woman in this image.

Ignore the woman in this image.


Do you know who this is?! No, not the pretty lady… the gentleman posing with her!


Please read this in your head so loudly that it echoes in space.

Or, for those of you who aren’t familiar with the original Star Trek movies,

It's not the same, but Star Trek does love to dabble in alternate reality scenarios.

It’s not the same, but it’ll do.

If you still need further explanation (and shame on you if you do), Benedict Cumberbatch is the actor who played Khan in the most recent addition to the Star Trek franchise.

“Cool.” I think to myself. Some chick with my name dated Khan. The bona fide nerd in me is secretly jumping up and down like an eight year old who actually got a pony for her birthday.

But then I discovered, as per usual, you can’t believe everything you read on the web. A bunch of frittatas out there incorrectly named his now ex-girlfriend Anna James, when in fact, her name is Anna Jones. No more Star Trek ex-boyfriend for me. I am now the eight year old who asked for a pony, but whose parents instead rented a donkey for birthday party rides assuming that would equally suffice.

Back to boring.

So then I Googled my maiden name.

At least this time it turned up my Facebook page. Other than that, nothing incriminating or interesting. Just my Macy’s wedding registry from two years ago and a page indicating where and when I graduated high school. Most links after the first page turned up results on Nietzche, and I ceased browsing beyond that.

The whole point of this exercise was to determine what might be out there that could deter employers from hiring you. Basically, find it before they do so you have an adequate response prepared, should they ask.

Guess I don’t have to worry too much, or hope “The Right to be Forgotten” becomes law in the United States.




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