A Lannister Always Pays His Debts

Well, after four weeks I finally received my first severance payment. I was out running errands on Tuesday and decided to stop by the store since the holiday weekend had passed. As expected, no one knew what to do, so I ended up having to call corporate HR (my ex-coworkers will understand the pain and suffering that always occurs when dialing that phone number). Anywhoo… at least that is happening now, albeit a couple weeks behind schedule. Hoping that they end up paying me for the full eight weeks, and that I don’t have to fight with them to get what I’m due (I know from experience that Sears doesn’t always pay it’s debts).

Other things that have occurred in recent weeks; I painted the bedroom, bought some canvas prints and a huge wall mirror for the living room (those were a bitch to hang), destroyed my freshly painted walls when attempting to put up curtain rods, patched and fixed said walls, and became entirely engrossed in Game of Thrones.

My husband came home from band practice a couple weeks ago with Season One of Game of Thrones, courtesy of his bass player. We proceeded to binge watch the first four episodes of the series in one sitting. Now we’ve progressed, and have finished the first episode of Season 4 (This is very similar to when we got into Battlestar Galactica). I’m hoping to get caught up over the weekend, so I don’t have to continue to avoid reading things related to the show on the internet. I did come across this gem by accident a couple of days ago,


I still cannot stop laughing when I see this.

I’m still reeling from the “Red Wedding” episode that we got through a few nights ago. I was ironing our new curtains while watching it, and not paying close attention, until the massacre started going down. I watched with my jaw dropped through the entire sequence, gasping at times, and cried a little at the end.

All I know is this; Jeoffrey had better lose his head REAL soon, and when that chick shows up with her dragons shit is gonna get real.

A couple more “spinoffs” I really enjoyed,



Happy Friday!



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