Bathroom Remodel

Many of you know that Neil and I are currently remodeling our old and nasty bathroom. I’m pretty sure the majority of the fixtures and such inside the bathroom are the originals from when the house was built in the 60s.

Thankfully, after having the bathroom gutted to the studs (literally. The only thing in that bathroom that didn’t get removed was the ceiling. Even the sub floor was replaced), we didn’t run into any surprises. We knew there may be some issues with mold, because of a leaky pipe and ultimately some poor choices that were made during the original construction of the house. One of the previous owners glued new tile over the old tile in the bathroom, there was no cement board behind the bathtub wall, and the fan wasn’t powerful enough to draw out the moisture.

When the demolition began, the wall behind the bathtub came off no problem, because it had basically turned into mush (yuk). It seems this was because the previous owner just tried covering up the problem by gluing new tile over the old and not doing a very good job either. Water got behind the two layers of tile over the years, and the wall just kept absorbing whatever seeped back there. This eventually led to a mold issue, inside the walls. Thank goodness we didn’t have to replace the studs or anything like that!

I can’t believe all of the things we had accepted in this crappy bathroom. The faucet in the sink dripped all the time. The toilet only flushed properly if the handle was held down for approximately 4 seconds (seriously, if you didn’t hold it long enough, it wouldn’t flush, and if you held it too long, you were in trouble too). The layers of paint were lifting from the walls. The newer tile was releasing from the older tile and coming off. The window seemed to be rotting out as well. I’m sure we would have done this sooner, but with the wedding, it just kept getting pushed back.

Now things are getting real. I’ve picked out a new toilet, sink and tub. The electrician is putting in a new fan and bringing all of the electrical stuff up to code as I write this. I’ve been looking at floor and wall tile for days…. which brings me to the reason I really started this post…


The toilet, tub and sink were easy. In fact, I really didn’t care too much what those looked like. Picking out tile and light fixtures might seem like fun, but it’s turning out to be daunting. I’ve tried narrowing it down a little. Initially, I had about 2000 options to choose from (no, I didn’t add an extra 0. That number is accurate). I decided on a material and picked ceramic for it’s durability. That narrowed it down to about 600 options. Ok, great. I also know I want a tan colored tile. That brought me from 1000 to about 300 options.

There’s just too many to choose from! I almost wish I had significantly less options. I feel like I have to look at them over and over again to make a good decision. In the end, I know I’ll settle because I’ll get sick and tired of deciding. I didn’t even mention that I can’t decide on a size (do I get 12×12? 8×8? 6×6?), if I want to do any type of inlays…

Now is the time that I wish I had an actual designer involved. Can someone just pick something I’ll like? I can’t make up my mind.

In the meantime, we’ve been having to use the basement bathoom for showering and such. It’s a pretty small shower, maybe 3×3 feet. I barely fit into it. My husband does not fit in it, and subsequently gets water all over the floor every time he showers. When you exit the shower, you literally step onto the toilet. It’s a good thing neither of us is overweight, otherwise, I don’t think we’d fit.

In the end, I can’t wait to have my brand new bathroom. It’ll be extra crappy for now, but once done, it’ll be all worth it.