Assorted mid-week ramblings

I guess I started this blogging thing a few weeks ago… and since then I’ve been pretty busy with random obligations. We’ve taken in three bids on remodeling our ugly bathroom, attempted writing “thank-you” notes to our wedding guests (does everyone take two months to get through these, or am I just outta control?), and I’ve also been assesing my BRCA2 mutation+ situation (I’m sure I’ll have a post regarding that in detail at some point in the near future).

I must confess, I was just distracted by some dude on the X-Factor singing some Sting on my TV. Sting is a guilty pleasure of mine. Is that considered a guilty pleasure, or is Sting too classic to be considered as such? Side note – I am not intentionally watching X-Factor. It just so happens that upon returning home this evening, I turned on the TV, began writing this blog, and never changed the station. But then some guy and his buddies started singing this Sting song I like… and…. shit…. this is how I wasted two nights a week for four years after falling in love with David Cook the first time I watched American Idol.

Rest assured, I will not start watching X-Factor.

I do have guilty pleasures though. I have a thing for Justin Timberlake… and the song, “Moves Like Jagger” by  Maroon 5. I do not believe those are actually considered “guilty pleasures” by women ages 16-40, right? It’s the same with men of that age range vs. Katy Perry… you can’t help it.

I also like Cold Play. I like them a lot. My husband hates them. I don’t understand why so many people have a problem with them.

I think Simon from American Idol/X-Factor is sexy. There. I said it. Now we can move on.

I made a boston cream pie yesterday. It was pretty flipping tasty. I tried to add a picture of it to this blog, but it wouldn’t upload because I mistakenly started this blog in Internet Explorer and NOT Google Chrome. Internet Explorer ruins everything. EVERYTHING. I just have to break the habit of automatically starting IE on start-up instead of a more superior internet browser.

Have I ever told you how much I love wine? All kinds…. except Chardonnay and Merlot. I’m not sure why, but I can’t stand those two varietals. When it comes to white, I prefer a Moscato or a Riesling. Red, and I’m 100% for a really good Chianti or a distant second place is Shiraz. I’ve noticed more and more places providing Moscato lately. Two years ago, you’d be lucky to find more than two or three Moscato selections in most liquor stores. Today, I can find six different Moscatos at the Cub Foods by my home. I’m sure the excessive sweetness draws non-winos to the beverage, but this variety has exploded in the midwest in the last two years.

Chianti, on the other hand, is still not easily aquired. I’m fairly certain this varietal is only produced in Italy, and  I’m still hard pressed to find more than two Chiantis in most liquor stores. If you’ve never had it, it’s a wonderful red wine. It’s very acidic and has a lovely cherry flavor to it. I’ll even drink it with fish. Yep, RED wine and seafood. I’m living on the edge.

I’m starting to get sick of typing, so I think I’ll wrap it up. My husband is going to DC for work tomorrow and Friday, and then his band is playing a show on Saturday. This will likely result in another blog at some point in the next three days, as I will be home alone for extended periods of time. A “list of the things I like” (“a picture of a pony and a VCR” could be included) sounds like an upcoming title.



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