I’ve been having some fairly vivid dreams lately, and last night was no exception.

With the lack of quality television programming, Neil and I have been using the hell out of our Netflix streaming. Let me take a moment to say how much I love Netflix. While you can’t get EVERYTHING via the streaming mode, there is still a large variety of new and old shows. For the past two months, we’ve been working our way through the early 90’s series, Twin Peaks.

The show revolves around Kyle McLaughlin, who plays the character Agent Dale Cooper.


 If you don’t recognize the photo above, you’d probably remember him as “Orson” from Desperate Housewives, his more recent endeavor.


An FBI agent who arrives at a small Washington town just south of the Canadian border, Agent Cooper begins to investigate the murder of a teenage girl, Laura Palmer. There are a plethora of characters. At times I found it hard to keep up with who was who, and their lives all seem to intertwine together (think Heroes meets Days or Our Lives). There’s a lady who carries around a log that speaks through her, a 35 year old woman who thinks she’s 18 and has super human strength, and a fairly incompetent sheriff with an extremely dopey deputy. To top it off, everyone is sleeping with someone who is not their spouse or significant other.

But there’s one character that is pure evil. His name is Bob. Bob is hard to describe without watching the show. He’s a spirit of sorts, that inhabits the bodies of different characters throughout the series. You don’t seem him often, but when you do, bad things happen. Really bad things. This is Bob:


What? You don’t think he looks scary enough. Trust me, in the context of the show, this man is a horrifying creature.

Which brings me to the topic of this post. Last night, very late, we finished the very last episode of Twin Peaks. It was one of those endings that leaves you with more questions than answers. Combine a terrifying ending with the stuff I read about the cemetery across the street being haunted… I somewhat jokingly told my husband that I didn’t want to go to sleep, because I was afraid of having nightmares. Yes, a 29 year old woman is afraid of spooks.

Well, it happened. I was in my bed sleeping, when different people in my life came through the bedroom and attempted to attack me as Bob. I don’t remember who, but they were certainly loved ones. It was scary beyond words. At one point, I realized in my dream that this couldn’t be real, and tried to wake myself up, but it didn’t work. The last Bob attack came from my beloved cat Sadie (aka “fat kitty”). Seeing something so precious and sweet to me become so vicious sent me over the edge. I awoke drenched, literally, in sweat. I sat there for a few minutes contemplating what had just occurred in my head, then had to get out of bed to vomit. I kid you not. I can’t remember being so horrified by a nightmare that I felt nauseated and vomited, even in my childhood.

I woke Neil up in tears, described briefly to him what happened, and went out to the couch to watch TV. I did not want to go back to bed, for fear that I would dream of Bob again. Thankfully, I didn’t… but I did lay on the couch for about 2 hours watching Diners, Drive-ins & Dives to get my mind off the shit-show it had created in my sleep.

Have you ever had a dream that resulted in something similar? I can’t believe that as a grown woman I could be such a baby about the whole thing, but as I said before, words can’t describe the horror of this nightmare.

Hopefully, tonight is not a repeat.


A day in the life

Insipired by one of my favorite childhood cousins new wife, I’ve decided to start my first blog ever…. unless you consider “Myspace’s” blog a real blog. Do people still use that site? I deleted my Myspace profile many years ago when Facebook completely took over the social media world. Now, I think that Myspace is mostly for “tweeny” girls and people who love spam. BUT, one of the few things Facebook lacks is a blog function… and so, thanks to hooleywithaz (who has, in my opinion, a pretty entertaining and down to earth blog) I find myself here today.

Recently married (in August of 2012), you’d think my life would have changed considerably over the past two months. It has not, and for that I am greatful. My husband and I lived together for three and a half years prior to saying, “I do.” I continually get asked by family, friends, and co-workers, “how’s married life.” And my response is always, “the same as it was before.” It’s not a bad thing. I like things the way they are. If it had changed dramatically, I’d probably be disappointed. Being that we lived together for an extended period of time, we had that part figured out long before exchanging rings and shoving cake in each other’s faces.


I suspect the majority of my posts will involve food, cats (we love our meow-meows!),

Imageand the occasional rant about something that makes me angry.

Our days are pretty typical. I work as a department manager for an industry leading retailer, my husband slaves away at an advertising agency in Minneapolis. We have dinner together most evenings, and I’m usually the cook. It’s not that Neil can’t cook, but I enjoy it more than he does, and unless he has a recipe with step-by-step instructions or the meal involves his beloved grill, he knows better than to get involved.

He’s much more adventurous than I. An advertising man by day, and a local musician by night. His band has done quite well over the decade+ they’ve been together, and it allows me to have a couple nights a week to myself. Not that I don’t like spending time with him, but every girl enjoys her alone time. On the flip side, he occasionally goes out of town to play shows, and this results in me spending the night home alone. I don’t like being in the house all night, all by myself, and usually don’t sleep well.

We both have a love of food, good wine, and playing games that are good for two people. We seem to cycle through scrabble, cribbage, boggle and sequence. If you have suggestions for other good two-person games, please say so! It’s not always easy to find ones that aren’t lame. Most of those I listed above are pretty classic.

I’m still in the process of changing my name. Got my new social security card, but that’s about it. This part of getting hitched is such a PITA, isn’t it?

I think I’ll cut this off before it gets too long and all over the place. I need a trip to the grocery store to cook up something delicious for supper on this chilly fall day!